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The Spark Centre

218 Delaware Street, Suite 101
Kansas City,  MO 64105

Phone: (816) 863-0500

The Spark Centre

Lewis and Clark called those on their famous expedition team the Corps of Discovery. That Corps of Discovery was one of vision, endeavor, adventure and accomplishment. And in that same spirit of discovery, the Spark Centre opens its doors to today’s explorers, discoverers, creators and entrepreneurs.

It’s a new era for Kansas City, and here at the Spark Centre, we’re at the forefront of this period of transformation. Every good expedition begins with a sense of adventure, a bold vision and, sure, a little craziness. That’s the entrepreneur in us. The Spark Centre is Kansas City’s new home for startups. Rising tech stars, creatives, freelancers, small business owners: this is your opportunity as well to grasp this spirit of discovery.

The Spark Centre is located in Kansas City’s historic River Market, home to expedition and new beginnings. The banks of the Missouri River: where Kansas City itself, began, home to the footprints of Lewis and Clark, first home of the Kansas City Star, St. Luke's Hospital and birthplace of so much more that defines Kansas City. If you’re hungry for development, growth and startup, the River Market neighborhood is hallowed ground.

At the Spark Centre, our vision is that of creation, cultivation and connectivity. Surrounded by other entrepreneurs and big ideas, the Spark Centre is where Kansas City’s startups are ignited. After all, every bonfire starts with a spark.

The Spark Centre is an ecospace where you can actually talk to other successful entrepreneurs on a regular basis who were genuinely interested in helping you and your idea succeed.

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Founded: Joe Barnhill

Categories: Meeting Room, Startup

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