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Kansas City Oasis

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Kansas City,  MO 64112

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Kansas City Oasis

Here, people of all backgrounds and beliefs come together in a non-religious, all-accepting, freethinking environment. Whether you identify with the terms: Agnostic, Humanist, Skeptic, Atheist, Nonbeliever, Freethinker, Theist, Non-Theist, Secular, Unaffiliated, None, Non-Religious, or anything in between … wherever you are on your journey, if you’re open-minded, this reason-based community is for you!

It's time to come together - to build a community, and to celebrate the human experience.

Weekly gatherings feature live performances by local musicians, speakers who inspire and educate, and children's programming that entertains and stimulates young minds.

It's time for Oasis - a well of compassion and reason, where we can celebrate life and, together, make a difference.

Empowered by reason. Connected by compassion. Kansas City's first alternative to faith-based communities. Every Sunday @ 11am

Imagine being connected to people like you. Imagine being accepted for who you are, where you are. Imagine meeting new people, learning new things, and belonging.

Stop imagining. It’s here. Oasis is here. A place for families. A place for secular people. They call us the “Nones” because we don’t fit in faith-based communities, but we are not none, we are many. And we deserve to be counted.
Join us every Sunday at 11am or at any Oasis event.

Our Values:
* People are more important than beliefs.
* Reality is known through reason.
* Meaning comes from making a difference.
* Human hands solve human problems.
* Be accepting and be accepted.

Meeting Place: Tony Aguirre Community Center- 2050 W Pe

To form a community in the heart of Kansas City - a neutral place where we can connect, inspire, and empower each other; a place where life is celebrated, family is valued, and all people matter.

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Founded: by Helen Stringer, April 6th, 2014

Categories: Non-Profit Organization

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