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1331 Saint Louis Ave
Kansas City,  MO 64101

Phone: (913) 620-3365


Woodcrafter Ashlee Forquer has always had a passion to create. While dabbling in many creative outlets over the years, she first discovered her passion for custom woodcrafting when she moved to Kansas City in 2003 to attend UMKC. While slowly furnishing her new apartment on a college-student budget, it didn't take long before she became disappointed with the selection available in her price range.

"Everything that was affordable was either made of junk and would fall apart in no time at all or it was poorly designed- entertainment centers had too few spots for my electronics or computer desks with no place for the computer tower itself, etc. I decided to start designing and building my own furniture in my father's workshop, to fit all my own personal needs- and quickly discovered I could use high quality materials for about the same price. I had a hard time understanding why quality and affordability was not something more commonly offered to myself and the public in general. I have eliminated this problem for myself, and now am excited to share this opportunity to the public as well."

Whatever your custom need may be, Ashlee has the experience and efficiency to make it happen at the most affordable cost. She gladly welcomes any unique challenges you may have and has proven time and again that where there's a will, there's a way!

Creative Woodcrafting with an artistic twist. See Ashlee for custom furniture, antique restoration, artist displays and of course Photos-on-Wood!

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Founded: Ashlee Forquer

Categories: Art Gallery, Arts & Crafts Supply Store, Arts & Marketing, Seasonal Store

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