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SCA Barista Pathway

05/08/2017 08:00 AM

@ Workbench Coffee Labs
3160 Terrace
Kansas CityMO 

SCA Barista Pathway

Foundations of Coffee: serves as the introduction to all of the Pathways and builds a vocabulary, both spoken and sensed, that will serve each subsequent class in any chosen course of study. Classes include: CB100 Seed to Cup, CP103 Customer Service Essentials, CP151 Brewing and Extraction Principles, CP152 Brewing and Principles Applied, GE103 Orientation to SCAA Cupping.

Barista Level 1 Pathway: Learn the basics of espresso preparation, milk, and drink building in the Level 1 Barista Pathway. With access to the best tools, coffees, and industry leaders, Level 1 Barista students receive expertly lead training and a comprehensive introduction to the espresso craft. Classes include: CP101 Espresso and Milk Steaming Fundamentals Part 1 and CP102 Espresso and Milk Steaming Fundamentals Part 2

Barista Level 2 Pathway: Level 2 Barista Pathway students will be presented with practical, advanced techniques to aid in their pursuit of espresso mastery. Students who complete Level 2 will be well prepared to lead behind the bar. Classes include: CP201 Grind, Dose, Tamp, Extract, CP202 Espresso Bar Efficiency & Workflow, CP203 Milk Essentials & Latte Art Practices, CP204 Espresso Machine Preventative Maintenance, Barista Level 2 Practical Exam.

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