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The Legend of Billie Jean

03/15/2017 07:00 PM

@ Alamo Drafthouse Kansas City
1400 Main St
Kansas CityMO 

The Legend of Billie Jean

What’s cooler than Helen Slater with a Joan Of Arc haircut, declarations punctuated by Human League drum machines, and a Honda scooter acting as a harbinger of social justice? That’s right -- NOTHING!

THE LEGEND OF BILLE JEAN is the most righteous kids vs. adults road movie/non-stop party to ever emerge from 1985. When a bunch of goons in Bermuda shorts destroy Christian Slater’s scooter, unrelated-in-real-life-sister Helen Slater aka Billie Jean decides to confront the head goon’s Dad for damages -- all $608 worth. But lookout! Dad is an evil scumbag! Wrongly accused of assault and robbery, The Slaters and their gang of teen runaways (including Yeardley “Lisa Simpson” Smith) embark on a road trip pilgrimage for recompense, inciting a full-on cultural revolution in the process.

Jammed with wall-to-wall synth-pop from the likes of Billy Idol and Pat Benatar, BILLIE JEAN is rousing, blood-boiling no-rules rampage in the name of anti-adult empowerment! So get those fists in the air! ‘Cause fair is fair!

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