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Video Vortex: Iced

02/21/2017 09:00 PM

@ Alamo Drafthouse Kansas City
1400 Main St
Kansas CityMO 

Video Vortex: Iced

Just when you thought it was safe to snort cocaine and go back to the ski slopes . . . you get ICED!! Easily the finest movie about skiing, killing, and humping that you’ll see this week, ICED is the soap-opera-slasher of your demented dreams. Jeff loses a ski race against Corey. So Jeff’s girlfriend, Trina, has sex with Corey. Jeff kills himself by skiing into a rock. Four years later, mysterious real estate agent Alex Bourne invites Corey, Trina, and their cokehead pals to a secluded winter resort for fun, games, and DEATH!! From the synth-funk soundtrack to the insane freeze frame ending, ICED is a force to be reckoned with. The sex is nasty, the gore is ridiculous, and someone gets killed with an icicle. Also, Trina wears a “Rockadiles” shirt that features a crocodile shredding on an electric guitar.

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