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Look Ma, No Scales!

03/25/2016 10:00 AM

@ Workbench Coffee Labs
3160 Terrace
Kansas CityMO 

Look Ma, No Scales!

In this modern era of coffee, scales have become a mainstay for assisting us in dialing in our espresso. While the scale is a fantastic tool that can help newer baristas find consistency and serve as a check point, it doesn’t tell you everything. If you are looking for the next step in your coffee journey, to build your barista instincts and further develop your tasting abilities, this course will take you through the process of refining your tasting and technical prowess on the bar.

Why no scales? Many would say that it seems silly not to use tools when we have them available and, while the logic seems sound, the way that scales are commonly used today is not only slowing down bar service, but it’s also acting as a barrier for many new baristas, inhibiting their true understanding of how they can improve the flavor profiles in their espresso. Through this class you will get a glimpse behind the scale curtain and be able to see many skills and techniques you can use to develop more influence over the coffee, thereby gaining even more control . All you need are your eyes, hands and an open mind.

Q-Grader and competitive coach, Holly Bastin, will provide her experience, as well as multiple espressos to hone your talents. We recommend you come to class with a full stomach.

Cost: $225.00

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